Things to Do in Muscle Shoals

Things to Do in Muscle Shoals

Things to Do in Muscle Shoals

Muscle Shoals is a town with a rich history right from the 18th and 19th Centuries when it featured in the war between native and Anglo Americans as a location for solving disputes between the two parties. It is located in Colbert, Alabama, and is an interesting place to visit whether to learn its history or for recreational.

Some of the most attractive things to do in while on your visit to Muscle Shoals include:

Visit the Fame Studios

This would naturally be one of the first places you will want to go to; the studio has greatly contributed to building the Soul genre of music and has hosted some world famous talent including Aretha Franklin and many great musicians of her time. You will see the old recording studios and equipment still intact. There is also an archive of hand written lyrics to some of the most famous songs of the 60’s all through to the late 70’s. If you have
an interest in musical history then you will love the Fame Studios.

Go to the Old Brick Presbyterian Church

This is another very vital part of Muscle Shoals’ rich history and church was built in 1829. It is a marvel; its bright red bricks used in its construction that have stood the test of time. It is interesting because it looks new but is also depicted by the architectural design as an architectural antique. The church is still habitable and holds regular summons.

Fill up with a variety of cuisines

There is an exciting variety of foods to choose from ranging from African American inspired steaks and barbecues to Mexican and even Chinese cuisine. There are a number of restaurants to choose form with a variety of ambiences to suit your taste and mood. These include the famous Stanfield Steakhouse among others.

Visit the Wilson and Lock Dam

One thing that makes gives Muscle Shoals its characteristics is the fact that it is located along the Tennessee River and built on it is an architectural wonder in the name of the Wilson and Lock Dam. It was constructed in 1924 and has got several attractive features. You can picnic at one of the many sites, walk along nature trails and enjoy the wonderful view of the water coming out of the dam from several vantage points. There are also many small park areas where children can enjoy themselves.

If you feel a little more adventurous you can go slightly out of town for more sights to visit including the Perry County Shooting Range and the Natchez Hill Vineyard.

There is certainly something for everyone in Muscle Shoals; it is a historic and entertaining experience.

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